Below you will find information about key areas the OSSWG is currently working on. 

Sun Safe Messaging

Members of the OSSWG have embarked on an ambitious project to develop consistent public education messages on sun safety that support skin cancer prevention and eye health protection. Learn more about our goal, the consensus process and products including the Sun Safety Toolkit for Ontario Public Health Units.

Outdoor Workers

Skin cancer represents a significant public health issue for Canada, while heat-stress is recognized as an important emerging issue. For both of these conditions, occupational sun exposure is a significant risk factor. There are over 1.5 million outdoor workers in Canada who receive substantial exposure to the sun. Outdoor workers are often inadequately protected.

Shade Policy in Ontario

Seeking shade is part of a comprehensive and sustainable approach to sun protection. In addition to providing sun protection, natural shade also provides other health, social, and environmental benefits.

Artificial Tanning

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation exposure from tanning bed/lamp use is a risk factor for skin cancer of all types, and risk is higher among those who started using tanning beds/lamps at an early age, and used them for a longer period of time.

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