Skin cancer, including melanoma, is one of the most preventable types of cancer. The main risk factor is UV radiation from sun exposure and other sources, such as indoor tanning beds.

The Ontario Sun Safety Working Group (OSSWG) is a partnership of individuals and organizations working together to reduce the impact of solar and artificial ultraviolet (UV) radiation (including indoor tanning equipment) on human health, such as skin cancer and eye diseases.

Key Activities


  • Gathering and evaluating information/research on the health impact of UVR exposure and the effectiveness of protective behaviours

  • Raising awareness of the effects of solar and artificial UV radiation on human health

  • Advocating for the development of policy to reduce UV radiation exposure

  • Identifying and developing key information/educational materials related to UV exposure and skin cancer prevention

  • Promoting a consistent public health approach to skin cancer prevention in Ontario.


Sun Safety Education

Supports the development and delivery of consistent public health approaches to reduce the prevalence of adverse health effects of UVR exposure.

Sun Safe Workplaces

Developing resources supporting safer workplaces for people who work outside

Shade Protection and Policy

Supporting the development and implementation of shade in outdoor public spaces

Indoor Tanning and UV Lamps

Raising awareness of the link between artificial tanning and cancer and monitoring indoor tanning legislation


Current member organizations and institutions

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