Key Activities

Key activities of the OSSWG include the following:

  1. Gathering and evaluating information/research on the health impact of UVR exposure and the effectiveness of protective behaviours

  2. Raising awareness of the effects of solar and artificial UV radiation on human health

  3. Advocating for the development of policy to reduce UV radiation exposure

  4. Identifying and developing key information/educational materials related to UV exposure and skin cancer prevention

  5. Promoting a consistent public health approach to skin cancer prevention in Ontario.


Key Accomplishments:


Webinar: UV Index by Chantal Duhaime, Environment Canada


Webinar: Sun Safety Toolkit for Recreational Environments by April Jalbert, Sudbury and District Health Unit.


Report: Survey of UV Awareness Activities and UV Protection Policies in Ontario Public Health Units, 2007 – 2008 by Thomas Tenkate, Ryerson University and Cheryl Rosen, University of Toronto.


Webinar Artificial Tanning by OSSWG


The OSSWG has also initiated a series of ongoing educational webinars. Stakeholders across were surveyed to identify topics of interest and any questions they had related to those topics.   Two webinars were held and were attended by public health professionals across the province.  These webinars meet a real need for information and resources and provides an economical way for these professionals to access experts. 



The OSSWG partnered with the Society and Cancer Care Ontario on the development of an Ontario Report on the Second National Sun Survey - 2006 by providing input into content and recommendations.


The UV Network was formed to facilitate information sharing and networking, a UV Network conference was held on May 10, 2007 with over 50 participants from across the province.


The Ontario Sun Safety Working Group conducted a survey of Public Health Units and Canadian Cancer Society Units in 2002 to identify sun safety programming needs.   Needs identified in the survey included province wide educational resources, networking and access to current research.

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