This section contains recent resources developed by OSSWG members:

April 2019

George Thomas Kapelos: “Interactive architecture – UV protection unfolding above you!” Perspectives | The Arts, The Lancet Oncology, April 2019

February 2019

Gosselin S, McWhirter, J. Assessing the content and comprehensiveness of provincial and territorial indoor tanning legislation in Canada, 2019. Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention in Canada, Vol 39, No 2.

December 2018

Dawn M. Holman, George Thomas Kapelos, Meredith Shoemaker, Meg Watson, “Shade as an Environmental Design Tool for Skin Cancer Prevention”, American Journal of Public Health 108, no. 12 (December 1, 2018): pp. 1607-1612.

September 2018

Study, co-authored by OSSWG co-chair, Jennifer McWhirter finds the number of tanning salons in Ontario has been declining over the past decade. McWhirter, J.E., Byl, S., Green, A., Sears, W., & Papadopoulos, A. (2018). Availability of tanning salons in Ontario relative to indoor tanning policy (2001-2017). Preventive Medicine Reports, 12, 40-45. DOI: 10.1016/j.pmedr.2018.08.010

May 2018 - Available upon request

Report on the 2014/15 National Consensus Process – Expanded report

The Recommended Core Content for Sun Safety Messages in Canada. Integration of documents previously reviewed by the National Steering Committee for Consensus on Content for Sun Safety Messages. Updated May 2018

October 2017

Report: Burden of Occupational Cancer in Ontario

Solar UV radiation is one of the most common occupational carcinogen exposures in Ontario, second only to shift work. All outdoor workers are at risk of solar UV radiation exposure. Approximately 450,000 Ontario workers are exposed, causing an estimated 1,400 non-melanoma skin cancer cases per year

June 28, 2017

Webcast: An assessment of the first year of a ban on tanning beds and lamps among adolescents in Ontario Canada. Presented by John Atkinson, Victoria Nadalin and Jennifer McWhiter.

June 26, 2017

Video to get kids to be sun safe during these summer months showing them how to practice sun safety. Melanoma Network of Canada: Screen Me Camp Sun Safety Sing A Long with the Fuddles

June 2017

Atkinson J, Cawley C, Marrett L, McWhirter J, Nadalin V, Rosen CF, Tenkate TD (2017). An assessment of the first year of a ban on tanning beds and lamps among adolescents in Ontario, Canada. Toronto: Ontario Sun Safety Working Group.

June 2017

Assessing a ban on the use of UV tanning equipment among adolescents in Ontario, Canada: First year results

Abstract of oral presentation by Dr. Cheryl Rosen at the Canadian Dermatology Association 2017 Conference, June 21-24, Fredericton, NB.

April 2017

Cancer care Ontario Factsheet:

Outdoor workers in Ontario may not be adequately protecting themselves from the sun. A 2015 survey by the Sun Safety at Work Canada project found that although the majority of surveyed outdoor workers reported always or usually wearing long pants (96%) or sunglasses (64%), fewer workers reported always or usually wearing sunscreen (38%), long-sleeved shirts (29%) or a hard hat with a brim (25%).

March, 2017

Sun Safety at Work presentation

Presented by CAREX Canada, Ryerson University & SunSafe Nova Scotia

January 2017

The OSSWG released a co-brandable toolkit for public health professionals to educate colleagues in various divisions, schools, day camps, child care centres, and to the public at large.
Public health units can customize the toolkit contents with their own logo using design software (for example, Adobe Professional). The toolkit consists of presentations and factsheets available here.

January 2017

The Canadian Cancer Society launched a program to support elementary schools to create and implement sun safe policy and practices within the school community. Information and resources are available at


June 2016

Marrett LD, Chu MB, Atkinson J, Nuttall R, Bromfield G, Hershfield L, Rosen CF. An update to the recommended core content for sun safety messages for public education in Canada: a consensus report. Can J Public Health. 2016;107(4-5):e473-e9.

June 2016

Video about shade development from Region of Waterloo Shade Working Group, Ontario, Canada

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